Decor Profile was founded in 1986 and has enjoyed over 32 years of successful trading as wallpaper and painting contractors.

Decor Profile’s employee base has grown over the years, yielding a team of skilled contractors and competent managers.


We do not hold our own range of wallpaper. We are however able to source a wide range of wallpapers and samples through a number of suppliers and importers in SA, providing you, the client, with the widest range possible.

The selection of wallpapers is usually strongly influenced by the image and personality of the company or occupant. We shall guide this process and supply samples to ensure a sound outcome in selection.

As mentioned, our teams are not suited to work in domestic environments. Out team sizes are variable, but are too large for domestic use.

Each team is headed up by a •Team Leader•. Our team leaders have been with the company for over 15 years and are completely trustworthy. The Team Leaders are then supervised by a site coordinator, who will ensure quality levels are adhered to, and that the client is pleased at all times. The above system ensures that all possible variances are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Should the client require our teams to works after-hours only, this can be arranged.

Decor Profile, as a company, always follow specifications as per the manufacturers specifications. Should the surface require additional preparation, a technical team from Plascon or Dulux will be consulted to ensure all finishes are completed as intended.

Upon request, we will provide a full list of professional references from architects, project managers, interior designers, space planners and corporate clients.

Decor Profile predominantly uses Plascon and Dulux paints. Reason being because of the technical back-up, long lasting quality and consistency of their paint.

We are here to delight you

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